Legendary New Jack Swing Ambassador, R&B Crooner Al B. Sure! Narrates The National Radio Commercial Spots For Rev Al Sharpton’s Critically Acclaimed Loudmouth

Al B. Sure! – the legendary singer, songwriter, producer, radio host, and social justice activist – recorded the new radio ad for Loudmouth, the highly anticipated documentary on the life of Rev. Al Sharpton, which is due to hit theaters on Dec. 9.

This is Mr. Sure!’s return to voicing national campaigns after his major medical scare this summer. Over several months, he received a new organ, was intubated, placed on a ventilator, and at one point considered for hospice care. Prior to performing a tracheotomy on Mr. Sure!, doctors were advised to be mindful of his vocal chords and the placement of his trachea, because we are certain he fully intends continue his career in radio and crooning for the New Jack Hip-Hop R&B fans around the world.

That begins with the new 60-second spot for Loudmouth, which explores the life, career, and legacy of Rev. Sharpton. The documentary chronicles his rise from a boy preacher to a firebrand activist in 1980s New York City, and eventually to an elder statesman of the civil rights movement. The ad piece began running in New York City over the Thanksgiving weekend and will begin premiering in Los Angeles, Richmond, and Atlanta over the coming week.