Al Roker Shares How Less Carbs And Cardio Helped Him Drop 45 Pounds in A Few Months

Al Roker Shares How Less Carbs And Cardio Helped Him Drop 45 Pounds in A Few Months

Weatherman Al Roker is looking happy and healthy these days after losing a noticeable amount of weight in a reasonable amount of time.

On Monday, the Today stalwart shared how he lost “about 45 pounds” over several months.

“Exercise, and not extreme exercise—we’re doing that 30-day walking challenge—that improves, I think, your mental health, combined with a low-carb diet,” Roker explained.

“I’ve lost about 45 pounds in the last several months. I do about 100 grams of carbs a day and I walk,” he added.

Co-anchor Hoda Kotb also credited Roker’s weight loss to the weight training he does to keep his weight around 190 pounds. The 67-year-old journalist jokingly shared why his age is inspiring him to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“I’m the oldest person here,” he said. “I’m trying to last a little longer.”

Roker made the revelations during a segment on weight loss and the horrors of going cold turkey on carbs in order to drop the pounds. Kotb noted the past keto diets she and Roker tried before he touched on his journey to dropping 45 pounds in the last few months.

Roker has been transparent about his weight loss journey after undergoing gastric bypass surgery back in 2002, Page Six reported. The procedure resulted in a drastic weight loss of 100 pounds by the end of the year.

In March, Roker recalled his weight loss journey by posting a photo holding an old pair of his jeans.

“Hard to believe it was 20 years ago today, I wore these size 54 Levi jeans to my #gastricbypass at 340 lbs and here I am today,” Roker captioned the reflective post.


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“It’s still a struggle but I’m never going back. I have setbacks and struggle every day, but I never forget how far I’ve come”