Allan Houston Partners with EverFi to Create FISLL 306

The New York Knicks Assistant General Manager and President of Allan Houston Enterprises is embarking on a new interactive program called FISLL 306, to help change the lives of thousands of youth across the country. Leaving a legacy in the community through his work is paramount to Houston’s definition of success. A man of faith and strong family values, Allan Houston lives his life determined to use his success as a professional athlete to help others.

Allan Houston’s FISLL brand, which focuses on the tenets of faith, integrity, sacrifice, leadership, and legacy, has partnered with EverFi to create FISLL 306. This program is designed to teach students to think critically about their own personal legacy, by exploring the lives of pioneering African Americans throughout history.

FISLL is a life learning, development, and coaching system that teaches and actuates five essential values of faith, integrity, sacrifice, leadership, and legacy as the transformational fundamentals of life. FISLL’s mission is to provide its teaching and messaging framework through experiential learning to community leaders, parents, coaches, school administrators/teachers. It’s a tool to further equip them to develop a deeper level of leadership skills, and it incorporates training in the three dimensions of mind, body, and spirit. FISLL is being used in schools, community, and sports programs, to great acclaim.

EverFi and Houston’s partnership will bring the FISLL 306 digital African American History program to 50 schools across Maryland, New York, Tennessee, Michigan, and Kentucky this academic year. All areas are of personal significance to Allan,  including Baltimore, MD; Greater NYC and Westchester, NY; Alcoa, TN; Detroit, MI; and Louisville, KY.

This partnership effort was an extremely important to Houston, because while in school, he was unsure of what he wanted to do outside of basketball. An African American studies major, Houston saw the opportunity to put his degree to use, by using  FISLL 306 and EverFi to make an impact in students lives.

“When you have a significant partnership with an amazing organization, like EverFi, it just expands to a place that you couldn’t have done on your own. It is amazing to be a part of something like this,” he tells BE Modern Man. “When these messages become a part of our youth’s daily patterns, we realize that we are having true impact.”

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