Allen West Granted a Recount In Florida

Allen West Granted a Recount In Florida

It’s been nearly two weeks since he lost his re-election bid, but Allen West, the congressman and tea party favorite from Florida, has refused to concede his seat. In Florida, a recount is automatically triggered if a margin of victory is sufficiently close, but West has been calling for a recount despite the fact that he lost by too much.

Still local elections officials have ordered a recount of the ballots, according to the Huffington Post:

A federal judge had ruled against West’s request for a recount earlier on Friday, saying he lacked the authority to make such an order. The St. Lucie Canvassing Board then ruled by a 2-1 vote to recount early ballots in the race, although it denied West’s request to recount absentee ballots as well. “A series of tabulation errors by the county has raised suspicion among West’s campaign and its supporters and appeared to motivate the board’s favorable vote,” according to NBC Miami.

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