Black Amputee Sets His Sights on 2016 Paralympics

Black Amputee Sets His Sights on 2016 Paralympics

From NY Daily News

Rohan Murphy is inspirational.

At the tender age of 4 his legs were amputated due to a severe birth defect that essentially had his legs on backwards.

“My kneecaps were on the opposite side, my legs were basically backwards.” Murphy explains. Despite his physical disability he has continued to persevere and become a motivational speaker to many.

With incredible upper body strength, Murphy was introduced to wrestling in eighth grade. This step would mold the rest of his life to date. He went on to wrestle at Penn State majoring in a degree in kinesiology. His constant athleticism has spurred his interest in the Paralympics. A self-proclaimed gym rat, he has set his sights on powerlifiting in the 2016 Paralympics.

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