Amy Robach Exits ABC With Bigger Settlement Than T.J. Holmes

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach have received their exit setlements from ABC following their affair scandal.

Robach is walking away as the breadwinner when it comes to the severance packages, Page Six reported. Insiders say Robach received a higher settlement than Holmes because of her longer tenure with the network.

“Amy’s been at ABC a lot longer and has a much bigger contract [than T.J.],” sources said.

Robach joined ABC in 2012; Holmes followed two years later. Robach also produced more work for the network by co-hosting GMA3 with Holmes and appearing on 20/20 in a role sources say she “worked really hard to get.”

Insiders speculate Holmes and Robach’s settlements were just the remainder of what they would’ve gotten paid from their contract, but “it’s possible they could have gotten paid slightly more to sign an NDA—and to keep the peace,” a source explained.

Meanwhile, the happy couple is “back in New York, laying low,” after showcasing their budding romance in Los Angeles. Their settlements come after ABC officially cut ties with the former GMA3 anchors last month following a mediation session, TMZ reported.

Despite losing their jobs and marriages over their affair, sources claim Holmes and Robach are “more in love than ever,” according to the Daily Mail.

Holmes was recently spotted in New York buying a $650 David Yurman ring and a Tiffany gold chain for Robach’s 50th birthday.

“It’s kind of proof of how committed they are to each other that they’ve weathered this s**tstorm after their secret love affair was exposed, they were suspended from GMA3 and then waited for agonizing weeks as ABC kept them in limbo about their future,” a source said.

“But don’t forget that T.J. and Amy were friends long before they were lovers. Their relationship began with an awfully strong bond that—to this point—has only become, well, more.”