Illegal Airbnb Has Amassed Almost $1 Million In Fines

Illegal Airbnb Has Amassed Almost $1 Million In Fines

A home in New York City has stacked nearly $1 million in fines for its illegal use of Airbnb. 

According to Business Insider, the home in Flushing, Queens, allows people to live in the basement and attic, leading to numerous complaints and violations. 

There have been debates between Airbnb and hosts centered on short-term rental rules in New York City.

According to Business Insider, new laws on short-term rentals will have to be registered with the City of New York, and Airbnb will not be allowed to accept booking fees on properties that are not registered. Host are responsible for submitting a diagram with exit routes, proof that the host is a resident of the building as well as non-host residents in the building. 

“Regular New Yorkers should be able to share their home and not be targeted by the city at a time when many families are trying to keep up with the rising cost of living,” Nathan Rotman, Airbnb’s regional public policy lead, said. “The rules as currently written will prevent the vast majority of New Yorkers from listing their homes, and we urge the administration to work with our host community to support a regulatory framework that helps responsible Hosts and targets illegal hotel operators.”

The city is pushing back, saying that short-term rentals decrease housing stock, and add costs for residents. Business Insider also reported that Mayor Eric Adams filed a lawsuit to shut down an operation that hosts short-term renters. 

“Safe, stable, and affordable housing is fundamental to a prosperous city, so we will not allow bad actors to deplete our housing stock and undermine our hospitality sector,” Adams said in a press release.

The home in Queens has defaulted on more than $984,000 in penalties, and has yet to pay fines, Business Insider reported.