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Former Employee Accuses Maître D’ Of Sexual Harassment, Pickets Outside Exclusive Hollywood Club

Twenty-six-year-old Anazia Akhalu has been picketing outside the swank San Vicente Bungalows for about a week.

A young woman has been stationed outside a glitzy Hollywood venue holding a sign that alleges that she was sexually harassed at the hotspot.

Dressed elegantly, 26-year-old Anazia Akhalu, who is Black, has been picketing outside San Vicente Bungalows in West Hollywood, holding a sign that alleges she was sexually harassed at the clubhouse. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she has been seen carrying a sign that says, “I Have Been Sexually Harassed @ San Vincente Bungalows,” and has been picketing for about a week.

Akhalu previously worked at the venue for more than a month last winter. She claims that the maître d’, 74-year-old Dimitri Dimitrov, who has been on the Hollywood scene for many years, performed inappropriate acts upon her. She accuses Dimitrov of, among other things, “squeez[ing] on my waist and arm” and eyeing her “up and down.”

Although Dimitrov and the owner of the property, Jeff Klein, have declined to comment, a spokesman for San Vicente Bungalows released a statement. “SVB investigates all claims of harassment and discrimination, whether meritorious or not. SVB does not tolerate such conduct and promotes an environment free from harassment and discrimination.”

Dimitrov has been working for Klein for several years and had previously worked at another famed Klein venue, the Sunset Tower before he started working at San Vicente Bungalows in 2018.

Sources at the venue have said that the club has terminated staff and members in the past when accusations of harassment were substantiated, and they questioned why Akhalu chose to wait several months before coming forward to make her accusation against Dimitrov.

Akhalu has stated that she was previously afraid to file a complaint because “Jeff Klein is a huge mogul — I felt so helpless,” but she also recently filed a report with the police. “They haven’t done anything, either,” she says. “I feel silenced.”

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