Timeline Of Events: Ralph Yarl Shooting From Incident To Arrest

Timeline Of Events: Ralph Yarl Shooting From Incident To Arrest

Andrew Lester arrested /Ralph Yarl
Alleged shooter Andrew Lester/ Shooting victim Ralph Yarl

It’s been a triggering week for the Black community after learning that yet another unarmed Black child was shot for being Black. The details surrounding the shooting incident that left 16-year-old Ralph Yarl hospitalized for two gunshot wounds devastated his parents, protesters, and legal advocates.

A Kansas City homeowner, who has been accused of shooting the teenager, has been identified as an older, white man and officials state that there was a racial component to the shooting.

According to CNN, Clay County Prosecuting Attorney Zachary Thompson has announced that Andrew Lester has been arrested and charged with two felony charges for shooting Ralph Yarl in the head last week.

“I can tell you there was a racial component to this case,” Thompson said at a news conference on Monday.

Lester is being charged with assault in the first degree and armed criminal action, according to a tweet from Ben Crump:

After mistakenly going to the wrong house to pick up his younger siblings in Kansas City, Yarl was allegedly shot in the head and arm by the 84-year-old white man when he appeared at his door.

Here’s a timeline of events from the shooting of 16-year-old Yarl leading up to Lester’s arrest:


Thursday, April 13

    • A Black teenager, 16, named Ralph Yarl mistakenly goes to the wrong house when going to pick up his younger brothers and allegedly gets shot twice by a white homeowner, Andrew Lester, in Kansas City, Missouri
    • After being shot, Yarl, while bleeding, goes to three different homes before someone finally helps him and calls police officers
    • Kansas City police officers arrived at the scene before 10 p.m. and Lester is taken to the hospital
    • Lester is then arrested in connection to the shooting the 16-year-old Black teenager

Friday, April 14

Saturday, April 15

    • After news of the incident goes to the press, local residents begin to protest the shooting of the unarmed Black teenager
    • Residents go to the scene of the shooting and vandalize Lester’s home
    • While Yarl recuperates in the hospital, a police investigation determines that charges should be brought against Lester

Sunday, April 16

    • Yarl is released from the hospital and sent home to recover from his gunshot wounds

Monday, April 17

    • An arrest warrant is issued for Lester’s arrest
    • A press conference by Clay County Prosecuting Attorney Zachary Thompson reveals the arrest warrant, and suggests charges against Lester are “a racial component to this case.”
    • A GoFundMe is created for Yarl and quickly raises more than $2.5 million within 24 hours.
    • Lester is arrested and charged with assault in the first degree and armed criminal action

It’s been reported that no words were exchanged between Lester and Yarl. Lester is accused of shooting Yarl through his glass door before going outside to fire an additional shot to Yarl’s body. The teenager never set foot in his home and was shot with a .32 caliber revolver.

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