Angel Reese Reveals Why She Missed Four Games With LSU Tigers

Angel Reese Reveals Why She Missed Four Games With LSU Tigers

Angel Reese shares the real reason why she took a hiatus from her LSU team and addresses rumors surrounding her absence.

Angel Reese’s much-anticipated return had fans excited. The Bayou Barbie recently returned to play with Louisiana State University’s Lady Tigers after missing four games after taking a mental health break.

As previously covered by BLACK ENTERPRISE, LSU coach Kim Mulkey said Reese’s absence was an “internal team matter that was unnecessary to publicize” and did not disclose further details.

Now, Reese is speaking out on why she was on a hiatus. Reese took a break from playing with the team to focus on her mental health. “My mental health is the most important before anything, and I’m gonna make sure I’m OK before anything because I don’t wanna cause any harm or cancer in the locker room,” Reese said. 

The 2023 NCAA champion expressed the importance of caring for her mental health to avoid negatively affecting the team. “Taking time to yourself is really important,” Reese said. “I feel like it’s just something important, resetting, refocusing within the team. I’m just happy to be back.”

According to the outlet, the Bayou Barbie said she received support from her true friends throughout her hiatus. She acknowledged NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal for his consistent support and phone calls “every single day” to make sure she was “good.”

The women’s basketball star said she wants people to see beyond her status as an athlete. “I’m a human, too. I go through things,” she said. 

Reese made a statement addressing rumors and critics who believed she was absent because of her grades or behavior. “Whatever stories that were wrote or written, don’t believe everything you read,” she said. “I’m back, and I’m happy.”

Immediately following Reese’s return to the team, she made a significant impact. According to the outlet, the 6-foot-3 forward returned for the Tigers’ game against Virginia Tech, where she put 19 points on the scoreboard, helping the team win 82-64.