Angela Bassett’s Reaction of Disappointment to Oscars Loss Goes Viral Amongst Support from Fans

As most of us know by now, seemingly, the world was disappointed that 9-1-1 actress, Angela Bassett did not win Best Supporting Actress at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. Now, as photos and a video of Bassett’s look of disappointment have gone viral, fans have come out to defend what a few are stating as her being a bad sport.

At the 95th annual Academy Awards, the 64-year-old Bassett did not win the Oscar for supporting actress for her role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. With the performance she gave in the sequel to Black Panther and being the very first actor to receive an Oscar nomination for a Marvel movie, it was widely speculated that she would be gripping that award on Sunday night.

Instead, she lost to Halloween actress, Jamie Lee Curtis, who won the award for Everything Everywhere All at Once. Even Curtis looked surprised that she had won.

Bassett did not mask her disappointment when Curtis’ name was announced instead of hers. The talented actress did not smile or stand up.

Social media users came to her defense, stating that she had a right to be disappointed after giving an award-winning performance in Wakanda Forever.

One fan acknowledged the rare opportunities that Black actresses receive when consideration for an Oscar nomination is presented.

One user posted one of the scenes that they felt made it quite obvious that she was more deserving than Curtis.

Someone else stated that she could have whatever reaction she wanted and no one should dictate how someone else should feel.

And the accusations of racism will still be there as long as the perceived racist views are continued.