Angela Davis’ Strength, Focal Point, in ‘Free Angela’

Angela Davis’ Strength, Focal Point, in ‘Free Angela’

New documentary, Free Angela and All Political Prisoners by Shola Lynch focuses on activist and educator Angela Davis’ fight for freedom.

The new film centralizes on how Davis entered the political world, those who believed in her plight and those who criticized her for using her voice and declaring her beliefs.

“In the landscape of that period, when you think about political figures, when you think about mass media figures, there are very few examples, if any, of strong women,” Lynch said to “Let alone strong black women.”

The film explores Davis 41 years ago when she lost her job at UCLA, when she received death threats for her involvement with socialists; Davis’ connection with a courthouse murder on August 7, 1970 in California; and the trial that followed and her acquittal.

The film opens in select theaters on April 5th.