Anheuser-Busch Responds to Lawsuit over Watery Beer


The parent company of Budweiser is responding to a lawsuit that alleges its beer is watered down with a full force campaign involving social and printed media.

Anheuser-Busch InBev ran full-page ads in 10 U.S. newspapers on Sunday, including The New York Times and Los Angeles Times. The print ads show one of the 71 million cans of drinking water the company has sent to the American Red Cross and other relief organizations for use during disasters.

In the ads, the company calls its beer “the best beer we know how to brew” and “We take no shortcuts and make no exceptions. Ever.”

The brand has also purchased promoted tweets with a link to a study that shows the alcohol levels in all their products matches the levels stated on their labels.

The class action lawsuit, filed in several states, accuses the brand of cheating consumers out of the stated alcohol percentage by adding water just before bottling its beers. The lawsuits are based on information from former employees at the company’s 13 U.S. breweries.

Josh Boxer, the lead attorney for the class action lawsuit, said in a statement that the ads amount to “classic non-denial denials.” He said that the company will be asked to produce internal alcohol testing data in court that will prove his case.

Source: USA Today