Another One: Celebrity Doppelganger Spotted In Brooklyn, This Time It's Cardi B
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Another One: Celebrity Doppelganger Spotted In Brooklyn, This Time It’s Cardi B

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Photo Courtesy of Twitter

First, there was John Cena’s twin, Jamal. Then, there was the Rock’s law enforcement twin in Alabama. Now, there’s Ashley, who has an uncanny resemblance to “WAP” rapper Cardi B. 

On August 12, Brooklyn-based hairstylist Claudelande shared a TikTok video of her doppelganger client, Ashley, donning a Cardi-esque wig with baby hairs, a white tank, Gucci bag and jeans stunting to the rapper’s hit single “Up.”


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♬ Up (Instrumental) – Cardi B

Cardi’s doppelganger had heads on social media ready to say, “Okurrrrrr!”

The video eventually made its way to Black Twitter, where the reactions were equally funny. 

One Twitter wrote,​​ “I’ve never seen someone look SO MUCH like someone else and not be related to them… Wtf?!?!!!”


Another Twitter user wasn’t trying to hear that wasn’t Cardi.


Someone else even found Cardi’s “abuela.”


And one Twitter was ready to risk it all and cash in on the rapper’s fame. 


Ashley told Allure that she’s been getting the comparison since Cardi’s breakout in 2015. She takes it all in stride.

 “Everywhere I go, [I hear] ‘she looks like Cardi B.’ They’ll say it under their breath, and I’ll hear it,” she says.

“I literally try to look every time somebody says it, but I don’t see it.”

Nonetheless, the young woman feels honored by the comparison.

Cardi B hasn’t responded.