Anthony Anderson And Cedric The Entertainer Start BBQ Brand

Anthony Anderson and Cedric The Entertainer are household names in comedy who hope to make their mark in the food industry. The duo has created a barbecue lifestyle brand, AC Barbeque, with signature rubs the first products released to the public.

To commemorate the announcement and to document their journey in the food business, the two will host a docuseries on A&E called Kings of BBQ, set to debut this summer.

The show unveil and highlight Black excellence in barbecuing, as the comedians voyage across the country to see how the pit masters do it best.

“In each one-hour episode, Kings of BBQ will follow Cedric and Anthony as they meet with barbecue chefs, pitmasters and everyday experts who share their knowledge and secrets of the trade, highlighting Black Excellence in the industry along the way,” according to the show’s official logline, shared by Variety.

With additional celebrity guests and special family members along for the ride, the history of barbecue in the Black community will be on full display.

In an interview with Blavity, the entrepreneurs shared why they decided to venture into the food industry space through this medium.

“Barbecues are the perfect medium because it’s like a family reunion every time you get together,” expressed Anderson. “Without it being a family reunion every few years and traveling someplace, it’s a communal thing. It’s a family thing.”

Cedric The Entertainer described what barbecues mean from a communal standpoint.

“I really think the key thing for us is that we saw this as a way to build community and share our culture. The idea of grilling and cooking food goes way back in slavery and beyond. For us, as a culture, it is the way that we were.”

They seek to grow their Black-owned business through a wide range of products, such as spices, rubs, and equipment. For now, you can purchase the rubs (The MVP,  Midnight Smoke, and Lemon Stepper) online and in Walmarts nationwide.