Anthony Anderson and Cedric The Entertainer Learn The Art of A Perfect Rub on New ‘Kings of BBQ’ Episode

Get your taste buds ready. King of Comedy Cedric, the Entertainer, and Emmy-Award nominated actor Anthony Anderson are learning the best barbecue techniques in the new A&E series, Kings of BBQ.

On their journey, the best friend duo aims to test flavors and traditions while perfecting sauces for their barbecue brand, AC Barbeque.

The show premiered on Aug. 12, showing Anderson and Cedric, whose real name is Cedric Antonio Kyles, discussing what they need to start a successful BBQ brand, according to Decider. In a sneak peek of a new episode, the funny men sit down for a tasting with Pilot R&D Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Dan Felder. Felder and his team put on a show with savory ribs and brisket.

Dipping the sliced meat in different variations of lemon pepper rubs, both actors learn the balance between perfection and going too far. Anderson and Kyles give their stamp of approval on the first rub but realize quickly that taking things up a notch may turn customers off, with the second one having twice the sour. “The lemon jumps out early,” Cedric says. When the food scientist asks “if it feels tangier,” the former Black-ish star responds, “Maybe a little too tangy.”

The scientist educates viewers on the art of finding the balance of the perfect rub. “We always want to push it too far so we know we haven’t left any territory unexplored,” the food scientist says. Once they’ve reached that level of “too far,” the team sets the friends up to taste one final rub, splitting up the first two rubs. Another Pilot member refers to the rub as “the Goldilocks of Lemon Pepper.”

Throughout the series, Anderson & Kyles will travel to some of the best barbecue places around the country, from a festival in Memphis to backyard cookouts. Viewers will see them grill it up with the LA Rams and even take advice from family members and friends. Is your mouth watering yet?

New episodes of Kings of BBQ premiere Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET.