Apple Ends LCD Display Purchases From Samsung

Apple Ends LCD Display Purchases From Samsung

According to, Apple is expected to cut off all relationships with Samsung.

The Tech giant is expected to stop purchasing the panel LCD displays from Samsung that it uses to build the ever-popular iPad and iPad Mini. Instead, Apple will work with LG Display, Sharp, Japan Display and AU Optronics for the LCD panels.

Apple was already cutting Samsung out of the the supply chain ordering only 800,000 9.7″ iPad displays from Samsung each month, while LG was supplying 2 million a month. Apple is expected to only order from LG for its next version of the iPad cutting Samsung off.

It’s obvious Apple has decided to switch from Samsung to LG due to the multiple lawsuits Apple filed against Samsung for stealing their iPhone and iPad designs. Hopefully, through it all, the quality of the products stay the same.