5 Must-Have Apps for Fashion Designers

5 Must-Have Apps for Fashion Designers

Whether you’re a fashion designer who needs to stimulate your creativity or gather materials for an a-line dress, there is probably an app out there within fingertips reach. BlackEnterprise.com scrolled through some fashion apps and compiled those that we found handy for fashion designers.

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Inspiration is a necessity for every fashion designer. Moodboard lets designers collect, organize, and share the things that inspire them. Instantly share creations, and the best part is that users don’t have to tote around a poster or heavy binder full of glued on images. There are also editing features to showcase images exactly as the designers see fit.

Sewing Kit

Seamstresses and designers can scan pattern envelopes to see if they already have the fabric their eyeing. All of the materials can get confusing, especially if patterns look similar, so keep up with everything that goes into design: fabrics, patterns, projects and measurements. Sewing Kit alerts designers of everything they have so that they don’t double buy, and it lets them know if there’s something they need to pick up.


Pantone is the authority on color. Each season Pantone shares the “it” hues to look out for. This app is a must for designers who want to stay timely and compete with the DVF’s and Tom Ford’s of the world. myPANTONE has a variety of cool features, one of which lets users eyedrop colors from photos and find the Pantone equivalent.

FAD- The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary

Fashion talk can be really tricky. If you find yourself having trouble with the fancy words, or determining the difference between fabrics, FAD is the app for you. The 1,400-plus entries are just one click away and will keep fashionistas abreast with everything from labels to retail stores to materials.

Ruler 2

Forgot your measuring tape? No worries. Ruler 2 gives designers exact measurements and gives them the option of saving the numbers for later use. The app also transfers  measurements to the calculator and mail features so that designers don’t have to worry about copying and pasting.