4 Apps for Small Business Owners to Sell Their Products

Small business owners, or social media users who simply want to sell old treasures and pocket some change, can now push their products without having to fork over a big chunk of the profit to a middle man. Thanks to the wonderful and rapidly evolving world of modern technology, there are numerous apps that allow business minds to display and sell items to the masses via the world wide web. These apps for small business owners allow sellers to market their fashion designs, digital sounds and just about anything else in quick and simple steps.

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Soldsie is a Facebook app that allows you to sell through comments on your wall. After connecting Soldsie to your Facebook account, your product pictures will turn into sales campaigns. As the business head, you will control inventory, promotions and pricing from the app. To purchase, your Facebook fans just write “Sold” in the comments section and they receive an invoice to checkout. For pricing inquiries, users can contact Soldsie here.


For music, film and literature creators, Gumroad is the new and efficient way to sell your digital art. Once you set up a Gumroad account, you upload your file, or “Add Product,” and set the price. Share your work with your customers and with a filtered list of clientele in the app’s communication interface. For each item a customer buys, Gumroad only takes 5%, plus $0.25, of every transaction.


Etsy prides itself as being the marketplace for people to buy and sell unique goods. The listing fee is only $0.20 and there is an additional 3.5% fee for products sold on the site. The online shopping destination promotes Etsy as a viable tool for business owners and users who just want extra pocket change. 76% of sellers in the U.S. reported their Etsy shop to be a legitimate business, and for nearly one-third, their creative business allowed them to focus on it as their sole occupation.


Amazon puts sellers in reach of 95 million unique visitors every month. New sellers can push their products in up to 20 categories, or if you choose the “Professional” selling plan, you can sell in up to an additional 15 categories. There are different selling plans and prices from which business owners can choose. “Professional” plans are exempt from per-item fees, while “Individual” plans require $0.99 for each item sold.