April Fools’ Day 101:  What You Can Learn From Brand Hoaxes

April Fools’ Day 101: What You Can Learn From Brand Hoaxes

As you turned on your computer or mobile device to check your social media accounts today, you may have noticed announcements such as Twitter implementing a paid service for its users to tweet vowels, YouTube shutting down in 2023, or Google beta testing Nose, a new feature that allows users to smell their search results from their device “by intersecting photos with infrasound waves.” If you fell for any of these pranks, then… Happy April Fools’ Day!

Social media provides a great medium for giving your brand personality and engaging with your fans and followers in a fun manner.   BlackEnterprise.com has come up with five ways to inject personality into your brand’s social media marketing plan:

Create a content calendar

Develop a monthly content calendar as a guide to plan, organize and maintain your digital content. You can be sure that your brand has relevant and fresh content around holidays, events, product launches and/or meetings.

Use visuals

Bring your social media posts to life by using photos and videos. Research has shown that 44% of social media users are more likely to engage with a brand who posts visuals versus those who do not. Visual media has become one of the ways users process the vast amount of information they’re exposed to everyday.  Use visuals to illustrate the events, launches and people that capture your brand.

Offer advice

Being helpful is always a good thing, especially when it comes to social media platforms. Create content on common subjects like travel, budgeting, or entertaining. Spread this content across various networks and ask your fans to upload their own tips. This is a great way to encourage conversation and let your fans know you value their opinions.

Make them laugh

Humor can be an excellent addition to your content marketing strategy as long as it’s not offensive. If your content aligns with your fans sense of humor, you can be sure they’ll have no problem sharing it on their social media profiles.

Let them share

One of the most effective approaches brands have found online is highlighting real fan stories and experiences. Allow your users to send in photos with them using your products or video testimonials about how your product or service has benefited them. This method may influence fans to share their story and, if you have an excellent product, will create a supportive community.

What are some methods you have employed to inject personality into your brand’s social media marketing?
S. Lynn Cooper is a Washington, DC-based digital strategist and communications expert. Cooper is the founder and director of Socially Ahead, a strategic communications agency that specializes in the creation of social and digital strategies and campaign management. Follow her on Twitter at @sociallyahead.