Are We Surprised? White Woman Calls Police on Black Men For Shoveling Snow

Are We Surprised? White Woman Calls Police on Black Men For Shoveling Snow

A TikTok video is spreading on the ‘Net of a white woman calling the police on two Black men who decided to shovel snow off the sidewalk. In a video posted by Gregory McAdory, the white woman can be seen shoveling snow back onto the sidewalk, apparently taking issue with the two Black snow shovelers who were being neighborly.

“Are you seriously mad we cleaned off your sidewalk?” one of the men asks in the video.What are you calling the police for?” one of the men asks.

“That’s trespassing property,” the woman replies before telling the police dispatcher that the Black men were recording her, making fun of her, and having no respect.  

After she’s done calling the cops, the woman goes back to knocking snow back onto the sidewalk.

“She not being harmed mentally, physically, or emotionally. She’s just upset at the fact we did the sideway,” McAdory states.

The video also shows two police officers arriving to speak with the two Black men. According to the friend, this wasn’t the first time she’s dialed 911 on them for shoveling snow. One of the officers even said she’s spoken with the friend before.

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“I’m tired of the bulls**t. I did nothing. I helped her out,” the friend rants. “What crime did we commit? She didn’t even state what we did.” 

When officers asked them what to do about the situation before speaking with the woman, he said he’ll give her a second chance but vowed to press charges the next time it happened.

Recently, a white woman, Jennifer Kaye Holder, was arrested for spraying an extinguisher on people at an Atlanta airport. Holder was charged with obstructing law enforcement officers, two counts of simple assault, and three counts of simple battery.