Aries Spears Says He is ‘Almost Certain’ His ‘Tombstone Was Written’ After Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Was Filed

Comedian Aries Spears believes his career is just about over.

The comedian, known for his many years on MADtv, says he is at the lowest point of his career. It’s hard to dispute that claim. Initially, he faced a backlash when he fat-shamed Lizzo without provocation. After that, a lawsuit was filed against him and fellow comedian Tiffany Haddish.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the lawsuit was filed against the comedians in Los Angeles Superior Court. The defendants, who were underage at the time, claim they were “groomed” and “molested” on two separate occurrences on video for two different comedy sketches.

Aries, who starred on MADtv from 1997 to 2005, responded to the allegations and their career impact on his podcast with Adam Steinberg in the episode Spears & Steinberg 395: Emails from Austin (Good Vibes, Tupac vs Jay-Z, Criticisms, Aries’s Body).

“I already felt like my career was over before all this,” Spears said. “I thought I was blackballed, and I felt like my s–t was over. But I always said I felt like I was one thing away from the turnaround, but now with this, I’m almost certain that tombstone was written.”

But Aries, a veteran stand-up comedian, said that he will be OK because his mother, who wrote him a supportive email, believes so.

“Maybe this is me being naive,” he explained. “This is me being corny but from the day my mother had my back and groomed me into this thing called showbiz, I believed everything she said. I believed every word. I believe she’s the reason why I’m here. So if the woman’s body I came out of says I’m going to be all right. I’ll be all right.”

Haddish’s attorney, Andrew Brettler, has denied the allegations, saying the claims are “bogus” and “meritless.”

Check out the full podcast below: