[WATCH] Army Soldiers: Why I Joined the Military

[WATCH] Army Soldiers: Why I Joined the Military

If you ask any soldier why they joined the U.S. Army their answers will vary. Some may say they joined because they come from a family of men and women who have served in the military. Others may talk about their strong desire to protect their country or see the world.

However, believe it or not, many soldiers joined because they simply didn’t know what else to do with their lives, and felt the army could provide them with an opportunity to explore different career fields while developing discipline and leadership skills.

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Courtesy of Go Army.com, here are a few videos that highlight the various reasons why soldiers joined and the benefits gained from military service.

Making the Right Decision. Sgt. Tyree Brown talks about his personality before joining the army – quiet, video geek, and now he is a confident leader.  His father credits his son’s army experience and training with helping him become a man and to prioritize his life.

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