The Benefits of Using AromaTech – An Aromatherapy Nebulizing Diffuser

The Benefits of Using AromaTech – An Aromatherapy Nebulizing Diffuser

Self-care has become a huge topic of conversation in the tech space. Diffusers for aromatherapy are popping up all over the place and essential oils are on trend but are you using the correct diffuser to reap all the benefits? There are four types of diffusers on the market, ultrasonic or humidifying diffusers, evaporative diffusers, and heat diffusers, but the best, hands down, seems to be the nebulizing diffuser.

AromaTech, a nebulizing diffuser, has created the first of its kind, fragrance diffuser, scent machine. Instead of the small device that typically deploys the essential oil scents, these are hi-tech machines that come in several different styles ranging from modern and chic to practical and powerful. The goal of the system is to redefine and improve the way commercial scenting systems work and to bring the technology into your home, with ease and convenience.

AroMini Essential Oil Fragrance Diffuser (Image: AromaTech)

So, what are the differences? These machines use cold air diffusion technology, which is the safest and cleanest way to diffuse essential and aroma oils. Instead of using heat, a fan, or evaporation, AromaTech’s scent machines filter air from your room in efforts to diffuse the fragrances, which preserves the therapeutic power of the oils, causing it to use a lot less product. Even more importantly, due to the fact that you don’t have to dilute them, it preserves the essential oils’ properties, whereas other diffusers can easily damage them.

AromaTech produces their own oils which are %100 pure and made with fair trade and cruelty-free practices. “We believe that the impact of human consumption has damaged the Earth and its ecosystems, and to survive we must treat our one and only home with respect. It has become more critical to support natural choices, both large and small,” the company boasts on the site. Additionally, all essential and aroma oil blends are eco-friendly, pet-friendly, non-GMO, and contain no harmful chemicals or additives. 

Holiday Spice, Aroma and Essential Oil Blend (Image: AromaTech)