Engineer Asmau Ahmed Launches App That Matches Beauty Products To Your Skin Tone

Engineer Asmau Ahmed Launches App That Matches Beauty Products To Your Skin Tone

Have you ever had a problem picking out beauty products? If you’ve ever been in a cosmetics store such as Sephora or MAC, the selections can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of colors to choose from, and even foundations to match. It can be a headache. Who has the patience or the time to match their skin color without the aid of one of the on-staff beauty technicians?

Asamu Ahmed recognized this problem and came up with an innovative solution: a mobile and web-based app called Plum Perfect. Madame Noire sat down with this engineer to talk about her tech creation.

Madame Noire: How would you describe Plum Perfect to someone who has never heard of it before?

Asmau Ahmed: Ultimately, Plum Perfect is designed to increase the excitement and customization of [shopping for beauty products]. We personalize the shopping experience online and in-store, by guaranteeing the right color match for every unique woman.  Our application allows for any user to customize her matched colors by price, product type, color, brand or look (ie. natural, glam, wear to work).

You can take a photo of your face and Plum Perfect will instantly determine your unique color signature and search across products and retailers to present you with the perfect makeup finds.

[We will also] launch our fashion application that will use the same technology to read the color of a dress and recommend the perfect purse to accessorize.  The launch of fashion will be essential to both men and women — no more guessing which tie will work with that shirt!

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