At Your Fingertips

Whether you’re a busy executive or just work like one, impossible schedules and multiple demands on your time can push caring for yourself to the bottom of your to-do list. If you travel, it can be even more challenging to mind your health and nurture your emotional well-being.
Knowing that time and convenience are critical factors when it comes to being good to yourself, we’ve gathered a bevy of healthful resources you can access via the Web.

Butt out: Kicking the habit can be difficult, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers a You Can Quit Smoking consumer guide ( co/quit/canquit.htm). Acknowledging that, for some people, nicotine “can be as addictive as heroine or cocaine,” the guide provides a realistic approach to battling temptations and offers an extensive list of resources and options, including five FDA-approved medications. Don’t smoke? The site also presents statistics, data, and a number of downloadable documents pertaining to smoking. One is Making Your Workplace Smokefree—A Decision Maker’s Guide ( search_data/environ mental/etsguide.htm).

Get pampered: Sometimes what you really need is a little TLC. Spa Finder ( lists a full range of the world’s most luxurious spa resorts, which specialize in everything from yoga to weight loss to stress management. Listings range from the Givenchy Resort & Spa in Palm Springs, California, to Sundance in Salt Lake City, but you can also find great local day spas, discount deals, packages, and articles on creating a spa environment.

Use free trainers: It may be difficult to schedule a personal training session at a time and place that fits neatly into your personal and professional timetable. Free Trainers (www makes it a little more convenient. This Website offers personalized fitness plans, nutrition programs, fitness articles, message boards, fitness calculators, and more. Featured workout programs include Gain Muscle Mass, Toning & Definition, and Freehand Home Training. Featured nutrition programs include Healthy Weight & Fat Loss and Gain Lean Muscle Mass. There’s even a Common Injury & Prevention Guide.

Get bent—into shape: You may find all sorts of excuses, even legitimate ones, for why you can’t find time to exercise. Stretch Break (, however, is a site with a convenient cyberprogram that provides a workout you can do right at your desk, at intervals you set. Stretch Break reminds you to stretch and also demonstrates more than 24 stretches, such as Back Arch and Spread Wings, with computer generated, lifelike animations. You control the sequence and frequency of the stretches, and you can delay a stretch for one to five minutes, or cancel the stretch. Stretch Break, which can be installed directly from its site, offers a free 10-day trial. You can own the program for $44.95, plus $4.00 for shipping and handling. It runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, and XP, and is network compatible.

Know what to do: It’s a mini health library online, addressing a wide range of concerns. Aetna InteliHealth (www.inteli provides specific health guidelines for men, women, senior citizens, and children and gives detailed