Atlanta Police Officer Buys Black Man on Street New Clothes in Lieu of a Citation

Atlanta Police Officer Buys Black Man on Street New Clothes in Lieu of a Citation

When Atlanta police responded to a complaint about indecent exposure, one officer’s big heart turned into an act of compassion.

On Halloween, Field Training Officer J. Nguyen and his trainee, Officer Y. Prophete, were called to northwest Atlanta to investigate a public indecency call, FOX 5 Atlanta reported. They found a man on the street wearing pants that were too loose and did not cover his entire body.

In a body cam video released by the City of Atlanta Police Department, Officer Nguyen asks the man if he had any other pants to replace the ones hanging off his body, per 11Alive.

The man tells the officers that he doesn’t own any other clothes. He says he would “go get more pants” downtown, but Officer Nguyen knew he would be traveling too far.

“I can’t be getting calls about you walking around like that,” Officer Nguyen tells the man in the video.

At this point, Officer Nguyen offers to take the man to a local Walmart to buy him some clothes instead of writing him a citation. While on duty, Officer Nguyen is seen walking into the retail giant and picking out a new shirt and pants for the man. He also buys him a pair of “comfortable shoes” after the man tells him his feet hurt.

“It’s not for me. I found a gentleman out there who needs some clothes, so I’m doing the best I can,” Nguyen is heard telling the Walmart cashier.

On Facebook, the police department praised Officer Nguyen for his compassion and for demonstrating professionalism on the job.

“We could not be prouder of Ofc. Nguyen. He demonstrated not only his professional training, but innate compassion and concern for a fellow human being,” APD wrote via Facebook.

“We are fortunate to have Ofc. Nguyen and a cadre of officers, supervisors and commanders who dedicate their lives to public safety, put their lives on the line to fight crime, and who also care about the community they serve. Job well done!”