Atlanta V103 and Atlanta Hawks DJ Big Tigger Continues to Juggle his Entrepreneurial Spirit

The most recent Lexus’ 0-60 Competition Series was hosted by Darian Morgan, better known by his moniker Big Tigger. Tigger, who is an Emmy-Award-winning radio host on Atlanta’s V103 morning show, is also the house DJ for the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks.
The popular Atlanta entrepreneur took time to speak to BLACK ENTERPRISE about his continued participation with Lexus’ 0-60 Competition Series and how he juggles his many responsibilities as an entrepreneur.
You were involved in the Lexus’ 0-60 Competition Series previously. What is the appeal to you, and if you weren’t getting paid to do it, what would draw you into participating in it?
First of all, I’m somewhat of an adrenaline junkie so the fun and excitement of driving luxury performance cars on a racetrack and doing other challenges is a WIN! Getting paid made it a WIN-WIN!
What is it about the Lexus 0-60 Competition Series that makes it interesting and makes people want to watch and tune in?
The energy, fun, camaraderie, and trash-talking are well worth your viewing time. The competitive nature of
the contestants, coupled with the amazing Lexus cars, create an intriguing and hilarious atmosphere.   
You’re a man of many hats–DJ, NBA announcer, radio personality, and maybe several other things we don’t know about. How do you juggle your responsibilities, your business life, and your “me” time?
Very carefully lol. It’s a challenge to find balance (I’m still working on it), but fortunately, most of my tasks are rooted in fun and I enjoy doing them. Pre-COVID, it was much more difficult, but the pandemic has afforded me a lot more “at the crib” time. Assessing priorities is an absolute must. 
As far as the business of Big Tigger, since the last time BLACK ENTERPRISE spoke to you (in 2014), has managing to control your brand become any easier? What kind of changes have you applied, if any?
Managing my brand is an ever-evolving situation. As the world changes, the brand must adapt while remaining true to its core. This pandemic afforded me several new opportunities to grow my brand in different areas as well as the opportunity to have an even more hands-on approach. 
What advice would you give someone who wants to be involved in the entertainment industry and have the long-term stability you have experienced?

Remaining true to your yourself and brand is essential. It’s easy to be distracted and swayed away from your path by the trends, but trends come and go. Also investing time, money, and energy into yourself, your craft, your business, and your future while continuing to educate and elevate.