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Atlanta VA Employee Raises Concerns Over Alleged Unfair Pay Deductions, Prompting An Internal Investigation

An employee at the Atlanta VA Medical Center has brought attention to unfair pay deductions, raising concerns about his financial well-being.

An employee at the Atlanta VA Medical Center, Maurice Robertson, has brought attention to what he perceives as unfair pay deductions, raising concerns about the impact on his financial well-being, according to 11Alive

As a pharmacy tech at the Atlanta VA, Robertson expressed frustration with consistent pay discrepancies, emphasizing that despite diligently working 40 hours a week, his paycheck fails to accurately reflect his hours.

“Only way you can be AWOL is if I have left and went to North DeKalb Mall up the street and I’m sitting there shopping when I’m supposed to be at work. That’s AWOL — because you’re not on the property, not when you’re on the property, and you’re working,” Robertson said. 

In collaboration with 11Alive, Robertson provided insight into the persistent issues by examining his paystubs and confirming multiple instances of AWOL listings. He explained the functionality of the VA’s “leave in attendance” system, designed to allow employees to utilize accrued time for situations like running late. However, Robertson alleged that the system deviates from its intended purpose, as he is listed as AWOL despite having over 100 hours of available leave time. Instead of utilizing his accrued leave, Robertson claimed that his pay was deducted for various reasons.

The VA responded to the inquiry, stating, “The Atlanta VA Healthcare System takes employee concerns seriously and encourages our employees to raise any concerns.” The institution acknowledged reaching out to Robertson to address his specific issue while citing limitations in sharing further details.

Undeterred by the ongoing pay discrepancies, Robertson revealed that he filed multiple internal complaints. The financial impact on his life is substantial, with the incomplete pay affecting his ability to address accumulating expenses. Notably, on the day of the interview, Robertson faced additional challenges when his car broke down, underscoring the real-world consequences of the ongoing pay issues. As the VA grapples with internal complaints and strives to address employee concerns, the case highlights the importance of fair compensation practices in maintaining the well-being of dedicated staff members like Maurice Robertson.

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