Attorney Ben Crump Hired To Represent Family of Glorilla Concert Stampede Victim

After a GloRilla concert turned into a nightmare, the family of the late Aisha Haskins-Stephens has hired Ben Crump to get justice.

Haskins-Stephens, 35, was trampled to death when chaos broke out after a concert in Rochester, New York. ABC 13 reports that her family has hired Crump, the prominent civil rights attorney, since family members feel the incident was preventable.

“It is disturbing that after the deaths caused by a crowd stampede at the Astroworld Festival, more precautions have not been taken at concert venues,” the family said in a statement. “…Concert venues and organizations have a significant responsibility to ensure the safety and health of those in attendance–individuals who just want to enjoy music and have fun with their friends.”

Haskins-Stephens was one of three concertgoers who died from injuries sustained at the Main Street Armory. Seven other people were treated for injuries. The announcement of Crump’s hiring was made shortly after one victim, Brandy Miller, was laid to rest, earlier this week.

GloRilla, the Memphis-born rapper, tweeted her support for those affected by the chaos at her show. Officers were called when there were reports of gunfire at the Main Street Armory shortly after the March 5 concert ended around 11 p.m. As concertgoers rushed to the doors, Haskins-Stephens, Miller, and another women, Rhondesia Belton, were trampled.

Medical officials said, “The injuries appear to be as a result of a large crowd pushing towards the exits following accounts of individuals hearing what they believed to be gunshots.” However, Rochester Police Chief David M. Smith said there was no evidence of gunshots.

Last week, Miller’s family announced their plans to sue GloRilla, concert promoters, and Main Street Armory. According to the Democrat & Chronicle, the city of Rochester will not renew the Armory’s entertainment license, meaning the venue is shut down indefinitely.