Attorney Lee Merritt Working To Get Justice For Emaciated Alabama Inmate

Attorney Lee Merritt Working To Get Justice For Emaciated Alabama Inmate

Kastellio Vaughan is reportedly serving his fourth year of a 20-year prison sentence for unlawfully breaking and entering a vehicle and burglary.

As BLACK ENTERPRISE previously reported, Vaughan’s sister, Kassie Vaughan took to Facebook to alert the public of the deteriorating pictures that were sent to her showing her brother’s current state of abuse inside the Elmore Correctional Facility in Elmore County.

Civil rights attorney Lee Merritt, the family’s representative, shared updates on his social media that included a statement in reference to the case. He stated that Kastellio was transferred to Stanton Correction Facility in Montgomery, Alabama.

“My office has been working to ensure Mr. Vaughan receives the care his condition requires. We are also investigating whether or not agents of the state of Alabama violated their duty of care to Mr. Vaughan by allowing his medical condition to spiral to the point reflected in the images now circulating the web,” Merritt provided.

“Due to inadequate facilities, abuse, and medical neglect, Vaughan’s medical condition rapidly deteriorated,” the attorney added.

Merritt said Vaughan, 32, lost 75 pounds in body weight in less than a month and had surgical scars that were allegedly infected from being exposed to unsanitary conditions.

Merritt added that Vaughan underwent surgery last month in which the doctors took out “a portion of his intestines as a result of gunshot injuries.” The injuries reportedly happened before he was sent to jail.

According to sources, Elmore Correctional Facility has been under fire on multiple accounts, including an issue that surfaced in August involving the facility’s warden Jeffrey Baldwin, after he was reportedly placed on mandatory leave after being suspected and arrested of driving under the influence.

WAFF48, provided a statement regarding another issue on September 14 involving Alabama Department of Corrections Officer Ell White, who was placed on leave after an alleged fight with a 44-year-old inmate, Jimmy Norman.

The inmate reportedly climbed to the roof of the facility’s chapel before prison guards tried to remove him. A video was sent in showing white repeatedly hitting the inmate.

According to a statement obtained by People, the ADOC’s Office of Health Services has reportedly completed a full clinical investigation. Vaughn is receiving the necessary treatment for his condition and has also been in contact with his family with updates on his current situation.