Automate Your Content Creation With This AI-Based Social Media Management Tool

Automate Your Content Creation With This AI-Based Social Media Management Tool

A lot of people think that running a blog or social media account is all fun and games—until they try it themselves. Underneath the captions, followers, and expertly curated images is a well-oiled machine that needs to be maintained.

You need to post at the right time of day, stay updated with hashtags, write captions, and track analytics. Social media management is a full-time job, so you’re going to need a lot of help. HelloWoofy can help, and you can sign up today for as low as $49.

HelloWoofy takes social media management to the next level with automated content creation and marketing. It can achieve all this through AI, which automatically stays on top of the latest trends from thousands of publishers.

HelloWoofy features integrations with popular editing tools such as Canva, PicMonkey, Crello, and DesignBold. If you’re in need of image inspiration, HelloWoofy also provides copyright-free images for your posts. 

Similarly, you can upload graphics with text and convert them into text-based posts in bulk. This pairs well with HelloWoofy’s free Chrome extension, which provides autocomplete suggestions while you’re crafting blog posts, marketing emails, and notes. This tool also lets you post and schedule content without having to open HelloWoofy. It also uses smart detection to prevent your social accounts from being considered spam and flags content that copies your posts to protect your accounts. 

Finally, HelloWoofy offers everything you’ve come to expect from a social media managing app, such as post scheduling and analytics tracking. HelloWoofy plans on adding integrations for WordPress, Shopify blogs, Amazon Alexa, and Tumblr soon, so you should sign up now before prices increase.

Subscriptions are available for the following prices:

If you sign up now, your recurring fee will never change, even if HelloWoofy changes its prices in the future. 

Prices subject to change.