Automation Workz, Seeking To Create An Inner City ‘Wakanda,’ Is The First Cybersecurity Reskilling Firm To Secure US Black Chamber Certification

Automation Workz, Seeking To Create An Inner City ‘Wakanda,’ Is The First Cybersecurity Reskilling Firm To Secure US Black Chamber Certification

HBCUs prove culturally relevant education can deliver career and mental success as they have produced 16% of Blacks with Bachelor’s degrees and 25% of Blacks with STEM degrees.

This same “Black Effect” occurs with Automation Workz, a cybersecurity reskilling firm in Detroit, specializing in IoT, network engineering, cybersecurity, software programming and soon data analytics.

Automation Workz learners, mainly Black front-liners, secure no-cost training funded by workforce development dollars. Normally, workforce development trainees have secured salaries averaging $38,000, according to a press release. “Automation Workz is turning the system on its head, assisting learners to secure positions earning an average salary of $67,250, often doubling their incomes. Just last week we had a learner begin a new job earning $130,000,” states Ida Byrd-Hill, CEO.

“Despite the many barriers our learners face, we achieve learner completion rates of 75%, a lot higher than the 15% rate of community colleges. We provide enormous support beginning with our personalized admissions process, weekend/evening instructor office hours and hands-on video gaming/digital simulation lessons.”

(Image: PR Newswire)

Ida Byrd-Hill declares, “Automation Workz secured the US Black Chamber of Commerce By Black certification to signal to potential learners we are utilizing the “Black effect” to provide a supportive HBCU- like environment for those pursuing tech certification. Front-liners no longer need to be afraid to pursue a tech career.”

“We coach them from basic tech skills through rigorous Cisco/Python/Linux certification training.”

“We are hoping the By Black certification is, also, a signal to corporations to hire our corp of highly credentialed Black tech workers as we create a real-life ‘Wakanda’ of emerging technology within the residential neighborhoods of inner cities, like Detroit,” states Ida Byrd-Hill, CEO.


Ida Byrd-Hill is a futurist, an urban economist, author of Invisible Talent Market and CEO of Automation Workz. She has 30+ years of professional business experience focused on growing revenue amongst diverse populations. Ida is a graduate of University of Michigan – Ann Arbor with a BA Economics and Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University with an MBA specializing in People Management/Strategy. She serves as a Detroit Regional Chamber Director and member of ACG, Automation Alley, Electric Vehicle Jobs Academy, German American Business Council, NMSDC and SHRM.