Ayesha Curry on the Key Family and Career Lessons She Hope to Pass to Her Daughters

Ayesha Curry on the Key Family and Career Lessons She Hope to Pass to Her Daughters

While NBA superstar Stephen Curry made noise on the court for helping lead his Golden State Warriors team to a championship win, the leading ladies of the Curry household were making their own noise beside him.

In addition to 3-year-old Riley Curry stealing the playoff spotlight during after-game press conferences, Ayesha Curry was giving fans an inside peek into the normalcy of the Curry household with her family recipes, lifestyle blog posts, and YouTube cooking videos. Now, with more than 200,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 1 million Instagram followers, 26-year-old Curry is branching out to share exactly how she balances it all as a wife, career woman, and mother of a toddler and newborn.

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In her latest partnership with retail giant T.J. Maxx for their “The Maxximizers” campaign, Curry is teaming up with parenting blogger Ilana Wiles and TaskRabbit CEO Leah Busque to show their support for everyday women who utilize their smarts and resources to make the most of their daily life. Working with Edelman Berland to conduct a survey on more than 1,000 women, T.J. Maxx found that just 19% of women describe themselves as remarkable despite the demanding schedules they juggle on a daily basis that range from working full-time jobs, to preparing a family meal, managing family finances, and making time to help others in need.

“Women are so creative, savvy, and resourceful in getting the most out of their days and having an incredible impact on those around them,” said Curry. “That’s why Ilana, Leah and I are excited to partner with T.J.Maxx this fall to draw attention to just how remarkable women are every single day.”

In an interview with BlackEnterprise.com, the superstar mom and wife opens up about the start of her blog and YouTube channel Little Lights of Mine, her key to balancing work and family and the critical life lessons she hopes she passes down to her daughters.

BlackEnterprise.com: With your blog and YouTube channel you shed light on your love for cooking. When did you first discover this passion and what prompted you to start the online platform?

Curry: I’ve been passionate about food ever since I was a little girl. My mom is Jamaican and Chinese and my dad is Polish and African American so I have a really diverse background and food has always been a big part of my life. But I think the passion really grew around the time I became a teenager. For my 13th birthday, I asked my parents if I could have a cooking party. They literally went to the grocery store and brought me everything you could think of and I cooked the day away with my friends. So it’s genuinely a passion of mine, but I didn’t know I could make a career out of it. After I had Riley, I made a career shift from acting and I thought what am I going to do and how am I going to make my mark in this world? My husband is the one who was like ‘Everyone is always asking for your recipes so why not start a blog?’ So I started the blog in 2014 and put my recipes on there and a whole bunch of lifestyle stuff. I later started the YouTube channel and now it’s just been growing ever since and I’m really excited about it.

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