5 Traits to Avoid For Better Management Skills

5 Traits to Avoid For Better Management Skills

Strong leaders are essential for successful business growth. They may not be the foundation, but they are the mortar which holds it all together. There are those who are born to lead, and others who must be taught. Having poor management could put your business in jeopardy and prevent productivity. Adrienne Burke, a Yahoo Small Business Advisor, collected 5 bad traits that managers should avoid from management culture expert Michelle Benjamin, a 30 year veteran in her field. Benjamin owns Benjamin Enterprises which has several offices in the eastern part of the United States. With her vast experience she targeted these traits as being common to bad bosses. Here are 3 of the most important:

Arrogant. Arrogance can foster feelings of contempt between employees and their manager; these are not feelings you would like to illicit in people who are responsible for day to day operations.

Undisciplined. Provide structured environments to present new projects to your employees. This allows you to plan the direction of the project and prevents you from wasting valuable time.

Detached. Aloof behavior prevents bonds from being created with team members. Knowing your team allows you to play to their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

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