Baltimore Police Arrest Black Former Marine Who Disarmed Attacker During Bar Altercation

Baltimore Police Arrest Black Former Marine Who Disarmed Attacker During Bar Altercation

A former Marine was arrested by Baltimore Police Department officers after the veteran disarmed another man during an altercation at a bar.

According to the Washington Times, 57-year-old Lloyd Muldrow was meeting friends at the Tequila Sunset bar on July 4 when a fight broke out between patrons Wesley Henderson and Marshall Cullens. Henderson reportedly became upset when an ex-girlfriend began dancing with Cullens.

According to Muldrow, Henderson brandished a firearm and said, “I’ll kill everyone.” Henderson reportedly hit Cullens several times with the gun. Muldrow, who served with the Marine Corps Security Force Regiment, reacted by knocking Henderson to the ground and holding him down until the police arrived.

“When I got there, I saw him [Cullens] bleeding profusely from his head. It looked like he had a gunshot wound to his forehead,” said Muldrow.

“He was bleeding so badly that I couldn’t do anything but react. I saw the guy with the pistol in his hand, and I hit the guy and knocked him down. We went to the ground, and I secured the pistol from him.”

“I have taught Marines hand-to-hand combat for many years,” added Muldrow.

“I have disarmed several enemies, as well as IEDs [improvised explosive devices]. My natural reaction was to do as I was trained for my country.”

The police arrived and did not find Henderson’s weapon despite several witnesses confirming that he brandished a gun. However, Muldrow was armed with a registered .22 caliber Beretta M9 in a holster on his hip. While several police officers reportedly thanked him for stopping the altercation, a supervisor decided to arrest Muldrow and charge him with a weapons violation and aggravated assault.

Muldrow’s attorney, Michael Stark, noted that guns disappearing after an altercation in Baltimore is a “common occurrence.”

“You hear police say it’s a pretty common occurrence in Baltimore that, by the time they get there, the gun has disappeared. And that’s what happened in this case,” Stark said.

On the body-cam video, one of the paramedics on the scene noted the ridiculousness of Muldrow’s arrest.

“This guy probably saved somebody’s life, and he got arrested.”

It is legal to carry a concealed weapon in Maryland, but the state does not recognize permits issued in other states. Muldrow faces a $1,000 fine and could serve up to one year in prison. Muldrow works as a security specialist and holds a concealed weapons permit in Virginia, which he could lose if convicted.

“I’m not going to settle with probation or anything like that. I don’t think it’s fair,” he said.

“I’ve carried overseas in different countries, and you’re telling me I can’t carry my weapon from one state to another? I’ve trained more than the average police officer, and I can’t carry from Virginia to Maryland? I have a real big problem with that.”

Muldrow is scheduled for an appearance in Baltimore Circuit Court on Oct. 31.