Baltimore Ravens Are Reportedly First NFL Team To Have All-Black Quarterback Room

Baltimore Ravens Are Reportedly First NFL Team To Have All-Black Quarterback Room

With all the contributions that Black athletes have made in the National Football League, some might wonder why it would take this long for an NFL team to have an all-Black quarterback room. It has been reported that the Baltimore Ravens is the first and only team in league history to have a quarterback room that consists of only Black players AND coaches.

According to SB Nation’s Baltimore Beatdown, last year, the Ravens carried two Black quarterbacks, Lamar Jackson and Tyler Huntley. That number increased to three when they added Josh Johnson this season. No team in the history of the NFL has carried three Black quarterbacks until the Ravens.

But that’s not all!

The quarterbacks coach, Tee Martin, and assistant quarterbacks coach, Kerry Dixon, are both Black, making it a complete sweep of Black men in the quarterback room.

The Ravens, who have existed for less than 30 years—started as a new franchise in 1996—are one of the 13 football teams (out of 32 teams) that have not hired a Black head coach. But, they’ve done an excellent job when it came to placing a Black man in a prominent role in the organization.

They were the first NFL franchise to name a Black executive as the team’s general manager. That distinction belongs to Ozzie Newsome. He was promoted from vice president of player personnel to take over that role in 2002.

Jason Reid, author of Rise of the Black Quarterback: What It Means for America, said, “What the Ravens have right now is definitely groundbreaking, even in 2023. The significance of it is that we are now in the era of the Black quarterback in the NFL,” Reid told The Baltimore Banner.

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