Barnard College

Mailing Address: 3009 Broadway, New York, NY 10027

Rank on 2008 List: 43

Rank on 2006 List: 16

Average GPA: 3.9

Matriculation Rates of African Americans: 82%

Total Enrollment: 2,300

African American Enrollment: 105

Acceptance Rate: 29%

*Average SAT scores: Verbal: 640-740; Math: 620-700; Writing: 650-730

Black Student Group: Black Organization of Soul Sisters

Summer Programs: College Planning Weekend, Young Women’s Leadership Institute, Summer in NYC

Application Deadlines: Regular decision: Jan. 1; Early admissions: Nov. 15

Start sending acceptance letters: Early decision: Dec. 15; Regular decision: Early April:

Financial Aid/Deadlines: Early decision: Nov. 15; Regular decision: Feb. 1

Costs: Tuition & Fees: $33,078; Room & Board: $11,392;

*25th Percentile-75th Percentile


Jennifer Fondiller, Barnard College, Dean of Admissions

What do you believe is the best preparation for a high school student to attend your institution?

I think it’s really looking at the courses they take through high school and selecting courses that are going to challenge them. Also, taking a broad range of classes in five basic subject areas: English, math, history, science and a foreign language and taking all those courses three to four years. Get as much writing in as possible is very, very important. That’s going to be the best preparation for when you move on to a college setting.

What kinds of activities stand out on students’ applications?

I find that some students are very team oriented and some are individual oriented meaning they do more solitary things. I don’t feel that we are placing any judgment on the type of activity a student is involved in as long as they are trying something, trying to sustain something for a little while. It’s alright if they switch around but they [should] give it a little bit of time. Some students are into poetry and music and others are on student government or sports teams. All of those things are good, but students should acknowledge that they are trying to figure out what they like to do. Sometimes we find that students maybe aren’t so involved in the typical high school activities because they have a job or they have family responsibilities. I’m not so much judging what she’s done but how can she reflect on that and tell me that. If she can speak on that she has learned all about responsibility and commitment.

What are the other most important things on a students’ application?

I talked about courses, and certainly grades are important. They are really such a strong indicator of the work a student has done on a daily basis. It includes test taking. We do look at [all] four years so I’m less interested solely in their end GPA. I’m more concerned about what were you like as a student in the 9th grade,