Basketball Wives' Royce Reed Debuts In Platanos & Collard Greens

Basketball Wives’ Royce Reed Creates Her Own Reality on Stage

Reed makes her off-Broadway debut in Platanos & Collard Greens

Do you have any more books or series on the horizon?

I have a children’s series, and the character is Moo Moo, so it’s the Moo Moo series. It’s based off my little munchkin [my son]. I call him Moo Moo. The series is for the younger kids, something like what we grew up with where you have the books you can write in and have the pullouts and stuff like that. It’s a series of four [books]. One is Moo Moo Muscles, one is Moo Moo Me, one is Moo Moo Munchies. One teaches the kids how to remember their address, remember their phone number, all that stuff.

When is the series set to release?

We’re thinking about putting it out around the same time that I put out the second book of the College Girls series, or we’re going to put it out like a month behind it.

Because you’re into theater, is there a chance anything more will come of the books?

I’ve actually gotten some inquiries about making College Girls a possible pilot for a series. I’ve also had someone reach out to see how [the series] progresses in book two to see if they possibly even want to make it into a film.

You’ve been in the public eye quite a bit since your time on Basketball Wives. Do you think the show has been a hindrance or a benefit?

I definitely think it’s benefited me. When I decided to do the show, there was an image being put out about me that was completely false. A lot of times when you’re going up against someone that’s such a superstar, it’s almost like you’re fighting a beast and you can’t win. I felt like the only way I could show people who I really am and be able to pursue my career in the future was to go on the show. And if I make my mistakes, I make my mistakes, but I learn from them.

I’m not crazy, I’m not psycho, I’m not just this evil person that someone tried to put out there. As people have gotten to know me, [they] either love me or [they] hate me. And you can’t take away who I am; you can’t take away my degree; you can’t take away the fact that I am talented; you can’t take away the fact that even though it’s not shown, I am a great mother. [The show] opened up a lot of doors, and I think that’s even why they cast me in the play. Not just because I have talent, but based off the image that I have now they were comfortable hiring me other than the image I had a few years ago.

So where do you ultimately see yourself as a businesswoman? What’s your end goal?

I definitely want to reopen my dance studio, Fantashique. We actually have a younger dance company for ages 5 to 17, and right now we had one audition and have a little over 20 girls, which is great. I definitely want to pursue my career, and I want to be on the big screen. I would love to work with Tyler Perry. I would love to work with Denzel [Washington], Halle [Berry]; someone I really look up to in my age bracket is Zoe Saldana. I’ve always followed Halle, Denzel, and Julia Roberts. Every time I take my acting class I definitely pull from them.