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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

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In developing his own public speaking skills to be the voice for the community, Blugh looked back at the greatest orators in history, from presidents John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, to contemporary leaders like President Obama and Governor Deval Patrick for inspiration. “The most important thing I have learned is that you must find your own voice and style to deliver speeches effectively,” says Blugh. “The audience connects with you and your message more when you are being your true self.”

As Blugh connects with the small, diverse businesses in the community he also knows that building relationships with the entrepreneurial community is key. “It is important that you do your research and know what you can about the sector the entrepreneur is trying to break into,” says Blugh. This is important when earning credibility in the community. “More important than that, you have to be a good and engaged listener when entrepreneurs share their vision with you.”

Through his position, Blugh hopes that he can be a role model to future leaders in the African American community. “I want people to know that with hard work and an education, you can succeed no matter what your background is.” In his current role as Chief Diversity Officer, he aims to create more pipelines to employment and success for all communities in Boston. “I want to do all that I can, so that stories like mine are the norm, not the anomaly moving forward.”

A leader of high moral standing, and setting the example for future black leaders in this country, Blugh works to empower others to achieve and succeed, creating a diverse talent pool of up-and-coming leaders across all industries. “The BE Modern Man tells a positive story about the potential and ability of our community that breaks current stereotypes for the future of the United States.”

The BE Modern Man team salutes Shaun Blugh as he works to empower others to achieve and succeed by creating a diverse talent pool of up-and-coming leaders across all industries in the City of Boston.

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