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Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

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Not one to simply paint on a canvas, bass is using his broad brush to leave a mark on young adults and people in his community through powerful speaking engagements and his preaching prowess. “We have to go to them,”says Bass. “Visit their schools, show up at their sporting events, comment on their social media pages, figure out ways to involve them in the gift we were given. Show them that there is no difference between you and I.” Getting to our young people early and often begins to set up the building blocks for success. “Speaking from experience, I’m a firm believer that education is the most important part of success. The ability to be taught opens the mind and allows you as the individual to be versed and fundamentally prepared for what you want to get into. Whether it’s an institution, self taught or by trade, the education of your craft is key.”

One of Bass’s favorites books is “The Game of Life and How to Play it” which helped instill an inner peace, and bring out the confident man that Bass is today. You can either sit on the sideline while the game of life is being played, or lace up your sneakers and get in the game. Throughout the game there will inevitably be victory, triumph, defeat and setbacks, but you have to keep playing. “At one point I thought I had it all figured out,” says Bass. “My business was doing well and I was selling my art daily. For a moment I was content and shut down all outside help, but it took me back to when my mom told me, “2 minds”. I sat down with one of my best friends who had a bigger vision for my brand. Skeptical at first I prayed on it and let it go. I later allowed his help and vision to be a part of my brand and because of that it took my brand to new heights. A place I couldn’t get to on my own. The power of the right help can change your life.”

Breaking into the fashion industry is no easy task.  You have to be a business person. “To me, a BE Modern Man is a leader, risk taker, enthusiastic and powerful. A man who understands his position and has the will to win even in his losses.”

Art and fashion is the game Bass chooses to play in. The team salutes Bass on his ability to draw inspiration from a tragic loss and turn this into a masterpiece for the world to see.  The Ron Bass brand is a display of peace, love and power which artistically represents what is inside us all.

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