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BE Modern Man: Meet Teen Entrepreneur Kasai Guthrie

Reversing the focus, Kasai has turned one of the darkest moments of his life into a tool to reach other young adults. “At the risk of being ridiculed or made fun of, I allowed myself to be completely transparent, shedding tears and all, to save and help others,” Kasai tells BE Modern Man. By taking the risk and opening up his pain to the world, Kasai has been able to reach people who are going through similar things. “When you put your message out there, it will find the people who need it, and they will gravitate to it. Me and my mom get inbox messages constantly from youth and mothers asking us to help them either establish the relationship with the father, or help the child deal with the negative emotions.” For some, knowing that they are not the only one going through this provides a place of comfort to begin the healing process.

Still a young man, Kasai realizes that in order for him to succeed he will have to surround himself with other achievers, young and old. “Go after your dreams with a team because it is going to take more than just you alone to see the type of success you are dreaming of achieving.” And at 17 years young, Kasai is just getting started. At a younger age Kasai’s mother, Tamara Varella, planted an entrepreneurial seed inside her son that continues to grow. “I am working on We Need Our Fathers and another online company that teaches financial literacy and entrepreneurship to youth, from elementary school to high school. My goal is to help remove the financial literacy barrier so other youth can achieve their dreams.”

Able to provide a solution, Kashai hopes that his personal story helps change the conversation and stereotypes placed on the African American community. “This type of exposure is needed because it inspires others and changes the mindset of what’s really possible.”

You are never too old or too young to start something new. Kasai was able to take years of pain and channel them into a positive solution for young adults.” A BE Modern Man is a man, at any age, who pushes past the stereotypes, barriers, and negativity, to be the best man he can be, using the resources available to make it possible.”

The BE Modern Man team commends Kasai for showing the world that regardless of how you start off in life, you can make it through. The positive impact of We Need Our Fathers and Kasai Guthrie is instrumental in moving us forward.

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