BE Modern Man: Meet “The 19th Child” Paul Lamar Hunter

Name: Paul Lamar Hunter

Profession: CEO, Author, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker

Age: 44

One Word That Describes You: Tenacious

Paul Lamar Hunter is living proof that neither limits nor lineage determine the quality of one’s life—but faith, fortitude, and determination do. Born the 19th child out of 21, Hunter has overcome a lifetime of obstacles to become the first of his siblings to earn a college degree. Knowing that his life story would make an impact on the lives of young men and women of all cultures, Hunter felt it was important to chronicle his journey to success in his book No Love, No Charity, the Success of the 19th Child.

Despite Hunter’s misfortunes and failures, his determined spirit earned him a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Upper Iowa University. “Education is the key that can unlock so many doors, however, once you walk through that door you need ability, innovation, and imagination to stay,” says Hunter. Working with such organizations as My Brother’s Keeper, Boys and Girls Club, Young Leaders Academy, Family Endeavors, and The YMCA, has positioned Hunter to directly impact youth and young adults on a daily basis. “These are organizations that are helping the youth move forward in life, and they are changing their lives.”

Hunter has dedicated his life to inspiring young people to take the necessary steps to pursue excellence and become better students in the classroom and productive citizens in the community. As a leader in the community, Hunter commits to reinvestment in the inner-city by going into the schools, churches, and prisons, to speak with young men and women. “In many cases, at-risk youth have no positive role models that they have access to, to emulate. This is why exposure and mentoring programs are such a vital piece.”

What advice does a man that has persevered through trying times have for the younger generation and BE Modern Man hopefuls seeking to cultivate a successful career?  “Neither limits nor lineage determine the quality of one’s life—but faith, fortitude, and determination do. No matter what challenges or disadvantages you face, you can make it.”

A man ready to take on today’s challenges to be successful while not forgetting where he came from describes exactly who Paul Lamar Hunter is. Black Enterprise applauds Hunter for his tenacity and perseverance despite the enormous uphill climb he had to make. He is a BE Modern Man.

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