BE Modern Man: Meet “The Coordinator” Christian Kameni

Name: Christian Kameni
Profession: Academic Advisor and Coordinator of Information and Communication
Age: 22
One Word That Describes You: Optimistic

An educator and a scholar who has spoken around the globe, a survivor and advocate for academic excellence—Christian Kameni is a man with aspirations.  Having overcome adversity, the 22-year-old Morgan State University graduate applied his values to help create a better life for a new generation. “I aspire to become president of a historically black college and university,” he tells BE Modern Man exclusively. “I developed a passion for education, which has driven my desire to become a prominent leader in higher academia.”

Founded in 1867, Morgan State University was formerly known as the “Centenary Biblical Institute,” and has found a voice as developing the next generation of thought leaders. Becoming a university in 1975, the public institution is responsible educating and employing great men such as Congressman Parren Mitchell, NFL Hall of Famer Len Ford, professor M. K. Asante Jr., and of course, Black Enterprise founder and publisher Earl G. Graves Sr. Kameni is another name to add to that respectful list of alumni, as the young adviser defeated self-doubt to become a prominent member at the University of Kansas.

Kameni was born in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon— a country with approximately 2.5 million people. Leaving the nation in 2002, he joined his mother and got to work learning everything he could in America. High grades and numerous community service hours enabled this energetic student to be a bright spot in Maryland’s education system. “There are many equations for success,” Kameni says. “No road to success will ever look the same.”


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