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Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

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BE Modern Man Devin Allen

Photo: Devin Allen

The protests devolved into rioting, arson, looting and utter turmoil in a city known for its decline in major manufacturing, industrialization, and rail transportation. The local CVS was burned and ravaged by individuals looking to mark their frustrations after Gray was burial and funeral procession. In response to the growing outcry from the public, the governor and mayor of Baltimore declared a state of emergency in an attempt to restore order and calm. Allen’s work has captured the attention of the world as his powerful images highlight the city’s raw emotions.

As a man dedicated to his community, his people, and armed with strong character—Allen has immediately impacted the world with his work. By snapping that photo at the intersection of Charles and Putnam Street in Baltimore (as well as others), Mr. Allen has struck a blow directly at the heart of mainstream media who chose to call our young black and brown brother and sisters “thugs” after ignoring them for so long. As Allen continues to hone his skills and utilize his newfound fame ,  we here at BE Modern Man are confident that he will help usher in the next wave of documentarians and truth-tellers.

Through his strength, resiliency, fortitude, and sheer indomitable will to be a force within the eye of the storm, Devin Allen understands that his work has helped to shed light on a prevalent  issue. For that, we salute you, Devin Allen, for contributing positive images of men of color to the masses. Your mission of capturing the moments that mark our history in this country not only frames us in an enthusiastic light, but proves that our normal is extraordinary no matter the circumstances, and needs to be celebrated and appreciated.

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Kevin L. Clark

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