BE Modern Man: Meet “The Dealmaker” Fred Whitaker

Name: Frederick Whitaker Jr. aka “Fred Whit”

Profession: CEO Journee Enterprises/Celeb Business Manager

Age: 33

One Word That Describes You: Dedicated

Whether it’s a major brand deal, tour execution, or daily transactions, successful celebrities have successful business professionals behind them. One of these people is Frederick Whitaker, a man who is making major behind-the-scenes moves. CEO of Journee Enterprises and business manager for actor/TV personality Terrence J, Frederick Whitaker Jr. helps his clients maximize business opportunities, and ensures that their careers run smoothly. Whitaker has helped many of the biggest names in entertainment with executing their business goals and building their brands. Putting the pieces of the celebrity puzzle together is a difficult job that requires patience because no one day is ever the same.

“I wake up thankful for the blessings, and driven to accomplish more,” Whitaker tells BE Modern Man. “From that point, each day holds a different agenda, and there is a daily schedule, but more often than not, the day never sticks to the script.”

Although the day may not stick to the script, Whitaker’s ability to execute does. “I try to approach every meeting, appearance or interaction, in a manner that will foster the best business relationship.”

Successfully managing the affairs of major players in entertainment requires discipline and structure, but growing up Whitaker wanted nothing to do with the confines of a 9-5 job. “I used to tell my mother I couldn’t have a 9-5, but I had no idea what I wanted to do,” says Whitaker. “Before anything began to move in the entertainment world I worked as a construction worker, junior electrician, bagel delivery boy, and at Foot Locker.”

This all changed when Terrence J received the offer at BETs “106 & Park”. It didn’t take the two men long before they realized that they had to maximize this opportunity to its fullest. “The day you start doing what you love, is the last day you work – so technically I don’t look at this as work. I’m riding with my best friend, helping make both of our dreams come true.”

Watching so many personalities and guests on the show provided Whitaker and Terrence with an apprenticeship, which allowed them to learn, evolve, and understand the moves needed to grow as men in the industry. “We owe much to the folks at BET and 106 & Park,” Whitaker tells BE Modern Man. “Every opportunity that has come our way since our first day at BET, we’ve approached with a fervor like no other. Our mantra is: stay humble. We live that through hard work, and we hope it leaves an impression.”

Eight years in, Whitaker continues to make waves in the industry. However, he considers himself to be ‘fresh’ in the game, and still feels as though he has much to prove. His work and partnerships with brands has been one of his biggest challenges. “Making the right relationships and alignments with brands that help us reach our goals, while we earn the trust and professional respect of billion-dollar companies, and convincing them that we can deliver the message they aim to get across – is no small feat,” says Whitaker.


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