BE Modern Man: Meet “The Empowerment Financier” Malcolm Harris

Name: Malcolm Harris

Profession: Lead at National Care Financial Group

Age: 30

One Word That Describes You: Courageous

Recently featured on Oprah Winfrey’s The Life You Want Tour, Malcolm Harris has overcome extreme adversity in his life. Leading two financial services firms – an insurance agency and a wealth management firm – Harris helps all people but specializes in helping people with chronic health conditions (such as HIV) and special needs dependents plan for their financial future. Harris’s firms have grown tremendously in the last few years and now serve clients in 13 states. Previously a management consultant for Deloitte & Touche and a finance professional at the World Bank, Harris is using his experience to provide a welcoming place for many in need of his services.

Diagnosed with HIV, Harris entered into the financial services because he saw a niche market for those suffering from chronic health conditions. “When I was diagnosed I knew that, like with many chronic health conditions, HIV was no longer a death sentence,” Harris tells BE Modern Man. “However, I also knew I could have potentially higher than normal long-term care costs due to my condition.”

Whether it is uncertainty about how you will care for yourself if you get Alzheimer’s or have a stroke, or concerns about how your special needs loved one will be taken care of when you pass away, we all have unique financial concerns. Realizing that many others shared similar concerns, Harris began his journey. “My health condition opened my eyes to my life’s purpose which is helping people build financial security and create wealth.”

Working professionally for top finance companies like The World Bank and Deloitte have been a blessing in Harris’s career development, but he still had to face the challenge of building clients’ trust due to his age. Overcoming this challenge one client at a time, Harris says “The quality of our work continues to inspire clients to refer their family and friends. Everyday my offices are contacted by more people than we can accept.”

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