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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

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Refusing to limit his vision of who he is and what is possible for his life, Harris readily acknowledges the importance of assisting people. “Build your career around helping people solve big challenges, and you will always be in high demand,” Harris tells BE Modern Man. But building a business requires building capitol as well. “If you have limited capital, don’t try to reinvent the wheel,” says Harris. He suggest replicating a business model that is already working in your target industry, and then improve upon it.

When the queen of all things media comes calling, you don’t hesitate. Being asked by Oprah to share such a personal story during her The Life You Want tour, was one of the most challenging moments Harris had ever faced. “I had been open with people about overcoming the shame of being HIV positive, but never on a platform of that scale,” says Harris. “Oprah is a wonderfully warm and authentic person, which instantly made me comfortable.”

Oprah’s warmth and authenticity is welcoming, but mainstream media, and people still continue to stereotype individuals living with HIV. “I am a black, gay, HIV positive man who owns two successful financial services firms and has shared the stage with Oprah Winfrey,” Harris tells BE Modern Man. Healthy, supported by his community, and with love all around him, Harris’s story challenges so many stereotypes. “It gives people hope for what’s possible for their own lives.”

In a position to help many people, and more specifically those with chronic conditions, Harris feels stronger than ever. “Being a BE Modern Man means living your life unapologetically and authentically,” says Harris. “He is always willing to seize opportunities to empower others to do the same for their lives.”

The BE Modern Man team salutes Malcolm Harris for making it his business to help the undeserved population of people with chronic conditions plan and secure their futures. Educating clients on the long-term care costs associated with chronic conditions will have a positive impact on our communities, and we thank Harris for providing the education and resources.

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