BE Modern Man: Meet “The Strategist” Chris Findley

Name: Chris Findley
Profession: Lifestyle Brand Strategy
Age: 24
One Word That Describes You: Driven

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Chris Findley is a man who uses his vast talents to creatively influence others. Inspired by the ability to travel the world, the SimplyDapper chief consultant officer learned that jet-setting was a chance to learn and have fun while seeing the world. Using his platform to develop content, social media strategies, and campaign development, Findley overcame the trappings of money to build a respectable and well-known business. “When you learn to focus on love, doors will open that you never imagined,” he tells BE Modern Man exclusively. “Things will happen that you never knew were possible.”

The esteemed strategist with an agenda of helping others experiment with ideas, Findley has worked with clients on numerous projects. From Cadillac to Converse to BlackBerry to Corona, he understands that the right consumers are immeasurable. “I feel like we all are equal,” Findley says when asked about what makes black men successful. “Whether white, black, blue, or green, we all have gifts that we can offer to the world. It’s all about waking up every day and asking God to bless us with the power to achieve success in anything that our hearts desire.”

Focused on building a better future for himself, Findley looked at the hard times that he faced as a sort of training. Void of strong role models in the mainstream, Findley knows his own worth among his peers and initiates situations that help to break through the static and noise to make an impact within his community. “Our black youth are influenced heavily by hip-hop and mass media,” he says, “but at the end of the day we control the things we watch and consume. Leaders like myself focus on long-term goals and make sacrifices to create things that add true value to our lives, as well as others, from words, books, food, peers and mentors.”

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