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BE Modern Man: Meet “The Visual Creative” Marvin Bienaime

BE Modern Man - Marvin Bienaime 2

BE Modern Man - Marvin Bienaime 2

Pushing past the racism, Bienaime remained steadfast and focused on his goals. “I do not allow anyone to “forget” that the Bienaime Agency is a force to be reckoned with,” Bienaime tells BE Modern Man. “I post on social networks about projects (in progress and upcoming) frequently to ensure that I stay at the forefront of everyone’s minds.”

With his work in the public eye, Bienaime sets extremely high standards for himself. “My advice for the young up and comers in the game is to develop consistency in your quality of work and marketing efforts,” says Bienaime. “Never give up even during the toughest times. One day your signature will become an autograph to someone who you’ve inspired”.

Tough times hit Haiti during the devastating earthquake on January 12th, 2010, and Bienaime quickly became instrumental in relief efforts. In 2010 he founded a non-profit organization called Smile 4 Haiti to assist children with limited financial means, resources, and support. Since its inception Smile 4 Haiti has been a committed resource to helping the Haitian people rebuild their lives through raising awareness of the needs of the Haitian people, including providing food, clothing, and school supplies. Creating an impact within the African-American community, Bienaime aims to build a vibrant, diverse, and global company that provides jobs for others. “Becoming a voice for those who are afraid to take risks in life, and changing the perception of being your own boss is part of the legacy I want to leave.

Faced with challenges both internally and externally, Bienaime says “a BE Modern Man is a beacon of hope with the ability to inspire and create more self-confidence in young Black men.”

The team salutes Marvin Bienaime for facing his challenges and vigorously overcome all trials. We look forward to seeing more of his creative photography style and vision throughout the media landscape.

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